Q.My camera lets me see shutter speed and aperture if I just roll the dial, why do I need the exposure calculator?
A.Your camera will show you one combination at a time. The exposure calculator shows all the combinations possible for a given ISO setting and it has quick guides to remind you about depth of field, image compression, and picture quality. The exposure calculator also allows you to quickly see what ISO setting is required for the desired shutter speed/aperture combination, something that is hard to do quickly on the camera. Most importantly, using the exposure calculator causes you to slow down and think through your shot before you fire away. This will result in high quality images that you have visualized instead of the shoot and hope to get lucky approach.
Q.How long will the Exposure Calculator last?
A.It is made of durable and flexible plastic so it can take some bending without damage. So put it in your camera bag or tie it onto the outside of the bag and go shooting.
Q.I understand the relationship of shutter speed and aperture from my days of shooting film. Do I really need this?
A.Today’s digital cameras allow you to change ISO setting between each photo. So now there are three parameters to consider when designing your image capture. Additionally, knowing the relationship is one thing, remembering to slow down and think them through when you’re in the heat of the shoot is another.
Q.How large is the calculator?
A.The calculator is 3.5" by 8" so it easily fits in a shirt pocket or a camera bag. Or attach it to the outside of your bag with the large eyelet. Some find it handy to attach it to a retractable key chain so they can pull it up, use it and let it retract back.
Q.I have my camera set up for 1/3 exposure increments, does the calculator have those settings?
A.Most digital SLR cameras and many point and shoots allow the user to configure the camera to show full stops, 1/2 stops or 1/3 stops and the exposure calculator works for all of these. One side of the calculator is for 1/2 and full stops and the other side is for 1/3 and full stops. So you just use the side that matches how your camera is configured.
Q.How do I order my exposure calculator?
A.Simply click on the BUY NOW button and proceed to the order page where you’ll specify the quantity, shipping address, shipping method and enter your credit card information. This is all done on a secure server as we contract with Paypal to conduct the transaction. We will never see your credit card number.
Q.What is the warranty on my exposure calculator?
A.Your exposure calculator comes with a one year warranty. There is not much to wear out or break but should you have problems with your exposure calculator simply contact us with a description of the problem and we’ll coordinate with you to replace it free of charge within the twelve months of initial shipment.